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Penzion Ondřejník

Enjoy our exclusive private whirlpool! You can also use the sauna world, various kinds of massages and wraps.

In our private WELLNESS you draw new strength, relax and enjoy our tender care. Wellness is intended only for hotel guests and our guarantees you undisturbed privacy and tranquility.

You can use a private hot tub, private sauna world with infrasauna, steam eucalyptus sauna, Kneipp pool and tropical shower, massages and body wraps.


private for 2 persons 60 minutes
private for 2 persons with a bottle of sprinkling wine 60 minutes

Sauna World

private sauna world set for 2 persons 60 minutes
eucalyptus steam sauna  
Kneipp therapy  
tropical shower  


Hot stones massage 1100 CZK/60 minutes
the most effective known massage for aching back and muscles, massaged with a special oil with heated stones.

Fruity exotic massage with peeling and wrap 1760 CZK/60 minutes
wonderfully relaxing massage with extract of flowers and tropical fruits. It rejuvenates the skin, gives it a nice smooth look and brings comfort.

Chocolate relaxing massage with wrap 1980 CZK/90 minutes
Your body will taste the chocolate peeling, chocolate massage and warm wrap. After the chocolate wrap, the skin becomes silky and the mind harmonized.

Honey detoxification massage 660 CZK/30 minutes
we use the highest quality honey from the local mountains, which is massaged into the body using a special technique. Honey pulls harmful substances from body, thickens and gets stained.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage 1760 CZK/60 minutes
special technique frees the whole body and induces relaxation of mind. The massage is performed with elbows and wrists.

Reflex foot massage 800 CZK/30 minutes
brings relief and frees you from head to toe, massaging the reflex points of the feet with perfumed oil.

Classic general massage 900 CZK/60 minutes

Classic back massage 600 CZK/30 minutes

Raspberry massage 900 CZK/45 minutes
special detox massage of the back and legs, includes raspberry peeling and massage with raspberry butter.

Blueberry massage 900 CZK/45 minutes
special detox massage of the back and legs, includes blueberry peeling and massage with blueberry butter.

Facial massage 600 CZK/20 minutes

Aphrodite's beauty elixir 1540 CZK/60 minut - bath with parfumed oils, rose and floral petals, light full body massage with jasmine milk, relaxation in an envelope.


Chocolate wrap scents and releases

Fruit wrap softens and moisturizes

Peat wrap relaxes tight muscles

Honey wrap detoxifies

Cinnamon wrap warms and burns fat

Yogurt wrap moisturizes the skin

Hot lava stones wrap effectively relaxes stiff muscles

Paraffin hand wrap softens and smoothes hands


Hop bath - detoxifying effects, helps to fight anxiety and stress

Camomile bath - protects and soothes the skin

Lavender bath - relieves mental stress, promotes restful sleep

Wildflower bath - soothing and relaxing, softens skin

Spruce bath - improves blood circulation in the skin and promotes breathing

Sea salt - gently cares for the skin

Wellness gallery

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